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Charts and Statistics at FXCE
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Charts and Statistics at FXCE

To conveniently assess the effectiveness of your trading account, FXCE provides a variety of clear statistics in the "Summary" section of your MT5 account:



     1. Hourly Statistics: 
This chart provides information on the number of orders in your account within each hourly timeframe, the percentage of orders within that timeframe compared to the total account, and the profit/loss level during that time period. This statistic allows traders to evaluate the account's efficiency during different hourly intervals.


     2. Daily Statistics:
Similar to hourly statistics, this chart allows traders to observe the trading activity and effectiveness on a daily basis.


     3. Buy/Sell Ratio, Average Holding Time, and Winrate Statistics:These charts offer a comprehensive view of the effectiveness of the existing trading strategy for both buy and sell directions.

     4. Currency Pair Statistics:
This chart displays the number of trades and corresponding profit/loss associated with each product, enabling traders to analyze the effectiveness of individual currency pairs.


     5. Time Held and Profit Statistics:
This chart provides detailed information about each trade when you hover over the green/red dots. With this data, traders can assess the risk-reward ratio and the most common take profit/stop loss levels.


     6. Order and Volume Statistics:
This chart illustrates information about typical trading volumes and the corresponding number of orders.

     7. Order and Profit Statistics:
Similar to "Time Held and Profit Statistics," but presented in numeric form without individual trade details.


These charts and statistics help traders gain insights into their trading performance and make informed decisions based on their trading history.