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Guide to change the MT5 account's name on the FXCE platform
1 min read

To change the MT5 trading account name on the FXCE platform, you need to follow these steps:

+ Step 1: Log in to, then select the "trading account" section.

+ Step 2: Select the MT5 account you want to rename, then click on the arrow icon.

As shown in the above picture, you want to change the name of the Standard account, the MT5 ID is 109655.

+ Step 3 : After clicked arrow icon, you will see this display : 

Enter the name you want to set in the "Account Name" field, then click "Save".

Example: In the image, set the name for the MT5 trading account to ABC123 instead of the original ID number.

So we have completed setting the name for the MT5 trading account.