Power Block Game
How to audit the draw result?
1 min read

Step 1: Access the Draw Result section at: www.powerblock.fxce.com/result

Step 2: Look for the draw period that needs to be checked. Each number in the Power Block sequence will be associated with a Txn Hash; copy this to see the result.

Step 3: Visit https://polygonscan.com/address/0xf56616fa0515483d2e853baba9da152cf239e9be and paste the Txn Hash into the search box.

Step 4: In the Overview section, click [Click to see More] 🡪 [Input Data] 🡪 Click [Decode Input Data] 🡪 Copy the seed in the column [Data].

Step 5: Return to the contract interface, select [Contract] 🡪 [Read Contract] 🡪 Paste the Input Data found in step 4 into the box [userProvidedSeed (uint256)] 🡪 Click [Query].

Step 6: A random string of numbers from the call will appear. The Power Block result will be the last two digits of this string divided by 2 and rounded down to the number of units.