Number Game
How to play Number game?
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Number Game is a kind of parlay game. You expect groups of 1, 2 or 3 numbers will win together in the next Power Block draw.
1. Choose 1 number or groups of 2 or 3 numbers on the table of numbers ranging from 0 to 49.


There are three types of tickets based on the quantity of numbers you select: ticket with one (01) number, ticket with two (02) numbers, and ticket with three (03) numbers. Each ticket type will have different rewards.

2. Fill in the FXCE amount you would like to wager on each ticket.


3. If all number(s) in the ticket appear in the Power Block drawing result, you win.



In this case,

  • With the first ticket , all three chosen numbers appear as the block numbers (white ball) in the draw result. Payout = Your wager amount * Odds = 100*750 = 75,000 FXCE
  • With the second ticket, the number 45 does not appear in the draw result. You do not win this ticket.
  • With the third ticket, the number 14 appear as the block number (white ball) in the draw result.
    Payout: 100*5= 500 FXCE


  • You can pick the numbers manually or use [Quick Pick] to randomly select numbers.
  • You can use [Random] to automatically generates all tickets from the selected combination of numbers.
    Example: All the combinations of 09, 12, 36 are [09], [12], [36], [09, 12], [09, 36], [12, 36], [09, 12, 36] (seven (07) tickets)