Number Game
Is it possible if i buy Number game ticket with another currency
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No, users can only use FXCE token to buy Number Game tickets. FXCE token can be purchased on P2P Trading or swapped on JustSwap. Furthermore, there are other numerous ways to obtain FXCE token such as referral payment. In addition, cashback when trading forex, crypto, and stocks with FXCE's exchange partners is another way.

Some other information you might be interested in:

  • The minimum wager is 1FXCE token for each ticket.
  • Each player can buy a maximum of 10,000 tickets per time. The amount of purchase time or wager is no limited.

  • You can pick the numbers manually or use [Quick Pick] to randomly select numbers.
  • You can use [Random] to automatically generates all tickets from the selected combination of numbers.
    Example: All the combinations of 09, 12, 36 are [09], [12], [36], [09, 12], [09, 36], [12, 36], [09, 12, 36] (seven (07) tickets)